Web Client Help

What is the Globex Call Web Client?

The Globex Call Web Client offers a web-based interface for the messaging feature from your Globex Call app. Using your desktop web browser, you can connect to the messaging conversations from your app and send and recieve messages using your computer’s mouse and keyboard.

How does the Web Client work?

The Web Client provides a QR code which, when scanned in the Web Client section of your Globex Call app, creates a secure link between the web browser and your app. The Web Client then relays all activity through the mobile app, enabling complete synchronisation between both clients. As long as your Globex Call app and Web Client are connected to the internet, you can use either interface to securely send and recieve messages.

What web browsers can I use with the Web Client?

The Web Client is optimised for use with Chrome but supports Safari, Edge, Opera and Firefox browsers too.

How do I pair my Globex Call app with the Web Client?

Simply open your Globex Call app and tap Me–>Web Client. Use the QR code scanner to scan your unique session code found at http://web.horizon-globex.com and your session will begin.

How can I send photos, videos and other multi-media messages?

Support for photos, videos and other multi-media messages in the Web Client is in development, but you can still send and receive them from the Globex Call app.

Can I log into more than one computer simultaneously using the Web Client?

No. When you open a new session to the Web Client using a new QR code, the previous session will be logged out automatically.

How do I log out of the Web Client?

To log out of the Web Client, simply close your browser window. The Web Client will then be automatically logged out.

I have been automatically logged out of the Web Client, why is this?

This could be due to several reasons. Firstly, you will only remain logged in while both your computer connected to the Web Client and your app have a valid and active internet connection. The Web Client will stay logged in for 12 hours without user input. After 12 hours of inactivity, the Web Client will automatically log out.

How can I get support for the Web Client?

Simply email the Globex Call service desk on servicedesk@abbey.ch