SmartPacket™ Technology

The core of the Abbey Technology solution is our truly innovative SmartPacket™ technology. Our SmartPacket™ technology is patented by the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO). US Patent ( No.: US 9,137,729 B2).

SmartPacket™ can be configured to VoIP from as low as 9 kilobytes/second (kbps) compared to around 48kbps from other VoIP platforms available today.  This industry-leading solution has been developed in-house and is fully compatible with digital telecommunications standards.  This technology is capable of interconnecting any phone system over IP – on mobile, fixed and satellite networks.

Our SmartPacket™ technology is not based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) or RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol).  Rather, the Abbey Technology signaling protocol is much simpler and benchmark testing has shown that it consumes significantly less bandwidth.

Our SmartPacket™ technology is the world’s most bandwidth efficient IP communication platform designed for mobile communications. The technology optimizes packet flow, delivery and playback and delivers excellent call quality, reduced latency and jitter.

As a further illustration, the technology is considerably more efficient in the way it handles silence.  Traditional VoIP calls send the same amount of data in both directions, regardless of whether or not someone is speaking.  SmartPacket™ technology is designed to detect silence and send heartbeats instead of data, reducing cost and enhancing clarity.  This results in a better user experience and more flexibility than any other VoIP-based solution.

Our Benchmark Testing: Abbey Technology vs Typical G.729 apps

G.729 is a type of “optimized” audio compression that is typically used by legacy VoIP providers. Our testing has shown that Abbey Technology is a minimum of 5 times more efficient (depending on which voice quality our carriers choose to configure their white label mobile smart device app). Or to put it another way, you can talk for at least five times longer at a much higher quality


Codec “Talking” bandwidth “Listening” bandwidth IP headers Total call data Minutes per MB
Abbey Technology 6.80 kbps 0.00 kbps 2.45 kbps 9.25 kbps 15.1
G.729 8.00 kbps 8.00 kbps 32.0 kbps 48.0 kbps 2.91