Mobile Messaging Platform

A Compelling Way to Foster a Competitive Advantage

Abbey Technology works with enterprises to develop a mobile messaging platform that is becoming essential in today’s business environment, where real-time data and communications across an array of operating and management functions can be differentiators that ensure success.

Abbey Technology’s messaging platform enables internal organizational communications that improve employee engagement by enhancing workforce awareness, deeper engagement, fostering company loyalty, and by maximizing resource management efficiencies.  It can also disseminate corporate and event-based news, and impart simple logistics through location sharing.

Further, Abbey Technology deepens customer engagement by differentiating enterprise skills and capabilities, reducing operational costs and employing surveys and ticketing.  Billing and payment management are enhanced by reducing response time, personalizing services, reducing call center costs, organizing payment reminders, providing real-time balance updates and providing fraud alerts.

The Abbey Technology platform enables mobile marketing that can stimulate new business opportunities, increase brand awareness and new customer acquisition.