Enterprise Products & Services

A current and growing trend is that enterprises are developing ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) programs which enable employees to use a personally selected mobile device, primarily smartphones and tablets, to perform their job functions. BYOD programs can create new business mobility opportunities, heighten employee satisfaction and reduce enterprise costs. This increases the number of mobile application users in the workforce and introduces a plethora of opportunities for enterprises to increase productivity through gathering customer data. Gartner predicts that by 2016, 38% of companies will require employees to supply their own devices for work purposes and that by 2017 that number will increase to 50%. Abbey Technology works with enterprises to deploy a customized platform with strategically targeted functions and capabilities, while prioritizing security concerns.

The Abbey Technology solution extends the enterprise communications ( including unified communications, or UC) platform to mobile rich voice and messaging for enterprise internal usage, as well as for enterprise customer usage. It is a powerful platform to engage with your customers and staff via targeted advertising, research, events, promotions, couponing,  mass broadcasts and company updates – and it can scale to tens of millions of users.


Abbey Technology’s convergent communication services platform includes the following cross functional features:

  • Fully integrated with user’s native or enterprise address book
  • Single identity or choice of an alias as number
  • Calling line identity (CLI), call forwarding, call barring, & number withheld
  • Anonymous caller reject & last caller reject
  • Service access through interactive voice response (IVR) for users without a smartphone
  • Presence service lets users know when on net


Abbey Technology’s calling features include:

  • App-to-app, App-to-PSTN (traditional phone line) & PSTN-to-app
  • Voicemail access and notification
  • ‘Follow me’ and class 5 features


Abbey Technology’s messaging calling features include:

  • App-to-app / App-to-PSTN
  • Audio, text, and for Android picture & video
  • Push-to-talk
  • Group and chat


Abbey Technology’s robust advertising and messaging features include:

  • Audio, text, picture, video advertising
  • Segmented user profiling or bulk messaging

Abbey Technology creates a new level of customer intimacy, with:

  • Real-time or offset delivery of either one-to-one or one-to-many messages and/or advertisements
  • Enterprise messages that pop to the top of user’s phone:
    • Text: up to 300 characters
    • Voice: pre-recorded voice messages
    • Multimedia: image and video ads in variety of formats
  • User data can be gathered from a user sign-up process to target messages to their specific interests, such as:
    • Stock alerts
    • Research reports
    • Important events
  • Utilization in lieu of an SMS aggregator or mobile ad provider to communicate at zero cost

The Abbey Technology branded phone app now becomes one of the most visited buttons on the smart phones of both employees and customers.