Abbey Technology’s Enterprise Technology

  • Abbey Technology is the world’s most bandwidth-efficient VoIP platform.
  • It is 100% in-house developed, patent-pending.
  • It is 10x more efficient than SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).
  • Abbey Technology’s SmartPacket™ technology enables low bandwidth transmission.
VoIP  Comparison Talking Listening
G.711 80 kbps 80 kbps
AMR-WB/iSAC 33 kbps 33 kbps
G.729 24 kbps 24 kbps
Abbey Technology 9 kbps 0.25 kbps
All include IP Headers


SmartPacket Technology

  • 100% proprietary, in-house, non-SIP core technology
  • Deployed by tier-one mobile carriers with tens of millions of subscribers
  • Patents filed in all major global territories