The Enterprise Solution

The new mobile workforce expects access to global data and voice resources from anywhere in the world and to be able to collaborate with any colleague anywhere in the world. The world’s most efficient mobile VoIP platform enables enterprises to dramatically cut mobile telephony expenses reduce bandwidth required for enterprise VoIP, enhance network security and develop stronger brand recognition among customers and employees.


Enter Abbey Technology .

The Abbey Technology solution empowers 10 times more VoIP calls across the existing spectrum, a dramatic reduction in spend on mobile telephony, increased global employee collaboration, a powerful brand platform and customer intimacy, and the ability to run the world’s best mobile VoIP technology over your network.


Abbey Technology ensures a superior employee and customer calling experience since it delivers a crystal clear mobile VoIP connection across app-to-app and app-to-anything (GSM, VoIP and analog fixed phones, PCs, etc.) calls..  This also means no more dropped calls due to congested networks and a secure framework that minimizes unsuitable consumer OTT apps with full confidence that B2C apps will work reliably.


Abbey Technology has an intuitive, user-friendly design with fully integrated SMS and social media functions.  Our white-labeled solution becomes your brand and becomes the #1 button on your employee and customer smartphones.


Abbey Technology’s white-labeled, total solution for enterprises connects with any phone system using an optimized IP technology and works via EDGE, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, WiFi, WiMax or Satellite IP.  In addition to seamless and inexpensive mobile-to-mobile calling anywhere in the world, it includes messaging of text, video and photos; the capability to send multi-media ads, reports and alerts to employees and customers; and a turnkey solution that integrates cutting edge technology with an existing enterprise platforms.