Mobile Carrier Challenges

With the rapidly increasing use of smartphones and surge in mobile voice over IP, messaging over IP and other data traffic, networks are being overloaded resulting in poor caller experiences. This poses significant business and technical challenges for carriers. The Abbey Technology solution puts the operators back in control by delivering to telecom operators branded, high quality value added data services built around a 10X more data efficient voice over IP network solution that integrates seamlessly with existing carrier infrastructure. This also enables operators to reduce and delay capital expenditures to accommodate increased data demand. Consumer based mobile based apps are drawing hundreds of millions of users that circumvent operators’ platforms while Abbey Technology works with telecom operators to optimize customer experience and retain system revenue.

Just as fixed operators have seen voice over IP take a significant share of call revenues, mobile operators now face the same threat from mobile VoIP apps. These apps are also bandwidth-hungry. The Abbey Technology solution is different because it’s a mobile VoIP solution that the operator owns and deploys while also helping the operator to manage rising traffic volumes. Abbey Technology’s solution enables the operator to decide strategically how to integrate it within its portfolio and how to offer it commercially. Further, the operator controls the call routing thereby retaining PSTN revenues.

Even with higher-bandwidth LTE networks, capacity is finite and there comes a point where the operator can only optimize what is available. That’s where the Abbey Technology solution can alleviate system stress by making better use of the bandwidth available and minimizing the volume of data consumed. The Abbey Technology solution also helps the telecom operator to reduce call dropping and ultimately, churn, caused by poor quality voice calls.

In recent months, Ovum Consulting claimed OTT (Over the Top) messaging apps would cost operators $32.6 billion in lost SMS revenues in 2013, rising to $86 billion in 2020. At the same time, Informa Telecoms & Media noted that daily global OTT messaging volumes exceeded SMS and predicted that by the end of the year the number of OTT messages sent per day will number 41 billion, more than double the 19.5 billion SMS messages. The Abbey Technology integrated messaging over IP service allows telecom operators to regain some of the ground lost to OTT messaging services by providing an innovative and relevant mobile App for the new generation of smartphone subscribers.