Billing & Provisioning Platform

Abbey Technology precisely monitors subscriber activity on its mobile app and can report to operators all end-user activity. This is achieved on initial registration and distribution of the app which assures carrier compliance, control and accurate billing and provisioning.

Abbey Technology collates and aggregates call data records and generates bills for operators according to CDRs (call data records) and exports them into billing, collection and ERP (enterprise resource planning) accountancy systems. Abbey Technology has been developing this system to integrate and work seamlessly with the operator’s own stand-alone billing platform, an essential component of its commercial viability. In addition, Abbey Technology can work with new market entrants to deliver billing and provisioning systems to ensure long-term sustainability.

Abbey Technology’s seamless integration ensures that all access to an operator or enterprises system is totally secure and ensures compliance with existing security protocols.

Abbey Technology fully supports all aspects of pre-paid phone and calling cards for operators via a full revenue collection and management system. We support subscribers in real time, enabling easy access recharging for subscribers via our easy to use online credit card payment platform.