Roam Like Home

Abbey Technology enables network operators to deliver cost effective roaming calls to their subscribers.

Today, due to high visited network mobile voice call settlement fees, mobile operators are forced to price roaming calls to their subscribers at well above the rates available to their subscribers using Over The Top [OTT] services such as Skype. This, in turn, has meant that roamers remain “silent” to their home network operator when they go abroad as they choose to call using OTT services, usually over Wi-Fi, due to the significant call-price difference of between 300% to over 1000% per minute.

Cost Effective Roaming VoIP

It is noteworthy that visited network operator settlement fees for roaming Internet are significantly lower than those charged for roaming Voice. By combining the patented low data usage of the Abbey Technology SmartPacketTM mobile Voice over IP smartphone app with the low inter-operator data roaming rates, network operators can now compete on price with OTT services for roaming voice calls while maintaining a healthy profit margin; especially for roaming calls home to the operators own subscribers.

Between 5x and 17x More Cost Effective with Abbey Technology

The Abbey Technology SmartPacketTM protocol consumes just 69kB per call minute (including overhead). Traditional SIP protocol client applications using G.711 voice encoding consume 1200kB per call minute (including overhead) while SIP VoIP client applications using G.729 compressed voice encoding consume 360kB per call minute (including overhead).


The economics are both simple and profitable for the home network operator.  Settlement with the visited network operator is typically at $0.10 per megabyte. Abbey Technology ‘s mobile VoIP smartphone app consumes 5x to 17x less mobile data per call minute compared to OTT VoIP solutions and will deliver 15 minutes of talking per megabyte, thereby costing the home network operator just $0.0066 per roaming minute.


When the call home is to another subscriber on the home network operators network, i.e. on-net, then offering a minute at $0.01 would represent a 50% profit margin. Better still, for the home network operator, if the subscriber calls home using Wi-Fi while abroad then that on-net call home represents a zero-cost call for the home network operator but remains a competitively priced, prepaid, roaming data call.


When a roaming subscriber calls home to a number that is not on the home operators network, i.e. off-net, then the home network operator only has to settle with its peer operator at the significantly lower national call rate and not the expensive international roaming call rate. Typically, national inter-operator call charging is below $0.01 per minute.

Free Roaming That Keeps The Consumer In The Driving Seat

Network operators can offer prepaid roaming voice bundles to their roamers so that they truly Roam Like Home. Abbey Technology offers the operators’ subscribers the options of in-app-purchases of call credit on Android and iOS, traditional scratch-card voucher redemption as well as native operator USSD credit top up.

A prepaid offering by the home network operator means no roaming bill shock, just a simple prepaid bundle with free data roaming constrained to only allow Internet data to flow to and from the smartphone app that runs the dialer. The dialer charges per minute, just like home. Simple, understandable and quite compelling for the roaming caller to Roam Like Home, free from any fear of excessive roaming charges.

VoWiFi Seamless Customer Experience

An additional benefit of the Abbey Technology technology is our totally seamless in-call transition from an active roaming data call to a Wi-Fi call meaning that our smartphone app call that can start as VoLTE (or even Vo3G or Vo2G) using our patented low bandwidth usage call solution and will automatically handover to become a VoWiFi call and vice versa benefiting both the subscriber and network operator alike.

Unbeatable Call Quality

When an operator deploys the Abbey Technology solution it receives our optimized voice over IP telephone call from the smartphone app directly into their data center and connects the call to its own carrier equipment. This means a much shorter distance for the call home to travel and means that the call connects directly to a home network of a recognized national operator.  Direct, high quality call connections of this type are never possible for an OTT VoIP service as they traditionally use low cost international call routes because they do not have a telephone license for the territory.