Financing Options

Financing Your Way:

We understand that not all customers have the same budgets and payment preferences.

At Abbey Technology, we offer a range of flexible financing options to our customers, large and small, to facilitate complete access to the ultimate in optimized, secure smartphone Voice and Messaging over IP solution in the world.


Software as a Server “SaaS”

Should your enterprise wish to the reduce operational overhead of hosting your own branded smartphone solution in-house then Abbey Technology will securely host your service in the Windows Azure cloud. No capital outlay required and you choose to be invoiced either monthly or quarterly.



For enterprises looking for the comfort of purchasing and owning their own smartphone branded app plus the associated server software and who have a capital expenditure budget, this option is the obvious choice.



For enterprises wishing to host the service and are seeking to lower monthly operational expenditure, Abbey Technology delivers your branded smartphone app to you and it can be accessed on a pay as you go basis. Each month you only pay for what you use thereby ensuring there is no unnecessary wastage.


Short Term Rental

For those enterprises that need a low cost one-off short-term solution or for those looking for a zero-commitment proof of concept then this is a popular choice for projects that span a matter of weeks or perhaps a few months.