Cyber Secure VoiP

Cyber Secure VoIP

Our patented SmartPacketTM VoIP technology used in conjunction with industry proven Virtual Private Network “VPN” standards makes an end-to-end secure mobile voice call a reality.

Cyber secure voice communication for business and government is required in order to reduce the risk of unwanted eavesdropping on commercially or otherwise sensitive information. Our mobile VoIP calls are secure from all national and international Internet Service Providers where your VoIP traffic may travel and are even secure from mobile network providers.

Legacy Bandwidth Limitations

Since VPN security comes at a bandwidth cost, traditional VoIP standards cannot deliver secure VoIP having acceptable audio quality. Our optimized VoIP protocols are between 5x to 17x times more bandwidth efficient than legacy protocols enabling us to provide a high quality end-to-end secure mobile VoIP call across highly secure VPN technologies.

Abbey Technology ‘s Cyber Secure VoIP is secured right from the smartphones radio link all the way to inside corporate or government headquarters.

Secure by Design

Once the VPN is setup then the voice is securely “tunneled” between the smartphone and the secure location.  This crypto-topology ensures that the 4 key principles of VoIP security are met:

  • Confidentiality: The call cannot be decrypted by unauthorized parties.
  • Integrity: It can be determined if the call data has been changed (intentionally or unintentionally) during transit.
  • Peer authentication: Each party on the call confirms the identity of the other.
  • Replay protection: The same call data cannot be delivered multiple times or delivered grossly out of order.

Abbey Technology Cyber Secure VoIP is deployed around Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) in tunnel mode and IKEv2 for Security Associations. The complete configuration of our totally secure VoIP tunnels are available on request.

Smartphone to Deskphone

The deployment of the Abbey Technology Cyber Secure VoIP smartphone app along with our industry standard SIP Gateway interconnected inside the enterprise or government institution secures calls from outside of the building. The mobile call can be safely passed (decrypted and transcoded inside the building) to the existing deskphone telephone service of the enterprise or government institution*.

*Physical security needs to be upheld by means of on-site security using traditional security methods (locked doors+windows, security staff, CCTV etc.).

Secure Messaging

By establishing a VPN and operating the secure Abbey Technology technology inside the enterprise or government institution all voice is secured and all messaging is also secured to the same high level.  Secure text, audio, video messaging is fully supported. See our product videos for a complete overview of the messaging functions available.